The Merit Construction Process

Merit Construction has been in the business long enough to have seen it all. We know your project is unique to you, and the solutions we provide match your requirements down to the final nail.

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Merit is experienced in a number of construction types including commercial buildings, interiors, medical, dental, schools, labs, and telecom. As customers’ needs and interests have grown over the years, so has the diversity of Merit’s portfolio. Merit project managers each have specific areas of focus to ensure the client is receiving experienced and value-added assistance on their project. Merit employs three levels of job supervision that ensure a well-organized and timely project. Project managers are involved from start to finish from estimating jobs to closely monitoring the projects through completion. Often, clients also develop a close working relationship with the onsite superintendent who is responsible for managing all daily activities of the job site. Finally, a general superintendent acts as a third level of supervision by supporting and verifying the onsite superintendent’s progress. From the office to the field personnel, Merit has a cohesive team that cares about the success of each project.

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This is where the client’s vision and goals are laid out, and the Merit team works in concert to lay the blueprints for the exact specifications needed to complete the project. This phase is perhaps the single most important aspect of the entire project because it ensures everyone is on the same page and the plan moving forward is laid out in full.


Now the work begins! Once we’ve laid out the project and each side has agreed to timelines, structures, concepts, and everything in between, the fun begins. As we said above, Merit Construction employs three levels of project supervision to ensure everything is completed as promised.

  • Project Managers
  • Onsite Superintendent
  • General Superintendent

We’ve found this is the most effective way to manage each project because it creates three levels of oversight, which helps maintain timelines and budgets, the two most important aspects of any project


Once construction is over, we don’t slow down for that final 1%. We quickly get to work on the punch list, owner training, closeout documents and building certificates to make sure you move into your space feeling comfortable. Merit sets itself apart by offering ongoing maintenance to its customers. While it’s easy to find a general contractor to build a large project, Merit will be there to complete the smallest of tasks. Whether changing door hardware or replacing ceiling tiles, Merit’s field crew is reliable and responsive to requests, and our commitment to superior customer service until the client is 100% satisfied is the driving force behind everything we do.

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